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Below is a selection of AUDIO-ONLY scores I have recently composed and produced. There are a number of additional scores with video available for viewing upon request.

Email me at to check out the additional scores with video!

Image by Jeremy Thomas

VAST - Experimental Short (2019 Rescore)

Originally produced in 2013 as "a celebration of human curiosity and exploration; inspired by a verse in William Blake's 'Auguries of Innocence'," I took the original audio out of this short film and rescored it and added my own sound design and foley for practice.

All audio in this version was created/arranged by me, all other credits belong to those listed below.

Written and Directed by Maazin Kamal (

Starring Joe Clark & Robert Corvin

Cinematography by Vadim Aynbinder (

Produced by Robert Powell

Edited by Jonathan Converse

Production Design by Patrick Levy

Original video is licensed as CC BY.


Metropolis - Trailer Score (2019)

This original score, composed for the 2019 Native Instruments' "Score with Orchestral Tools" competition, utilizes footage from the 1927 film, Metropolis. Directed by German director Fritz Lang, this science fiction film is about a futuristic utopian city with bleak undertones. 

This score was composed and produced with Logic Pro X, utilizing various sample libraries from Native Instruments, Heavyocity, Soundiron, Orchestral Tools, Performance Samples, Pro Sound Effects, and Tapspace. 


The Art of Reconstructive Memory (2019)

Completed in 2019 after being commissioned by the University of Tennessee at Martin in celebration of their 40th Annual Honor Band Festival, The Art of Reconstructive Memory pulls inspiration from Barrow's time at UT Martin, representing how the brain fills in the gaps, connecting memory to memory.

This work is a Grade 4 piece, scored for full wind band.


The Second Act (2019)

Written for the 2019 Station Camp Indoor Percussion Ensemble, The Second Act dives into the history behind the ghostlight found in old theaters. 

This work is scored for full indoor percussion ensemble.

(Battery parts arranged by Dalton Hawkins)

shadow walking_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Shadow Walking (2018)

Written for the 2018 Music City Mystique front ensemble to be performed as a lot tune. Based on the original Ninja chord progression, first performed by Mystique's front ensemble in 2011, this piece was written hoping to embody at least a portion of the impact Mystique had on Barrow.

This work is scored for a front ensemble.

space mirages.jpg

Space Mirages (2018)

Commissioned in 2017 by Don Click for the Clear Brook High School front ensemble, this lot tune hopes to serve as both a fundamental warm-up, as well as an opportunity for students to work on musicianship and ensemble cohesiveness, with a chamber-like rubato section.

This work is scored for front ensemble.


Epilogue (2017)

Commissioned in 2017 by Alex Gray and James Bessire for the 2017 DCI Individual and Ensemble competition. This piece serves as a sequel to Prologue, written that same year for the Mystique front ensemble, The piece serves a double meaning, as Barrow aged out, making this his epilogue for Gray and Bessire as they continued on into the next season.

This work is scored for marimba and vibraphone.

Prologue picture.jpg

Prologue (2017)

Written for the 2017 WGI World-Champion Music City Mystique Front Ensemble, Prologue acts as a direct bridge and prelude to their 2017 production: The Hand of Man. It serves as a message and a warning to those watching... Knowing how the story ends, with the culmination of self-destruction.

This work is scored for front ensemble.

Snowy Mountain Sunset

Video Game OST Side Projects (2016)

In 2016, CJ Barrow worked for a short period on two other fan remake games: Toontrocity and Free Realms Sunrise. Featured below are some of the tracks from those projects.

Shades No. 1 Cover (SoundCloud).jpg

Shades No. 1 (2016)

Commissioned in 2015 by Tucker Gillihan, Shades No. 1 paints a musical canvas utilizing only one single color, red. The work depicts just how many different emotions, connotations and shades one single color can have.

This work is scored for a woodwind soloist and two percussionists.

Terra Nova COVER_edited_edited.jpg

Terra Nova (2014)

Terra Nova was written in 2014 by CJ Barrow, as a first-year music education major at the University of Tennessee at Martin. With a vision of innovation in percussion ensemble repertoire, the piece was written to challenge the performers to listen not only to the rest of the ensemble, but also lock in with the electronic playback. 

Inspired by his interest in the universe, electronics, and film scoring, Terra Nova seeks to take the listener on an adventure through the final frontier in search of a new world, with just a couple stops along the way.

The University of Tennessee at Martin Percussion Ensemble premiered the work in the Fall of 2015.

Toontown Infinite OST Cover.png

Toontown Infinite OST (2014)

In 2014, CJ Barrow worked on a project called Toontown Infinite, which was a fan remake of Toontown Online, by Disney Interactive. Most of his work involved remastering and re-orchestrating every track from the original soundtrack from Toontown Online. But this playlist highlights just the original compositions by CJ Barrow for the project. 
For the full OST (including the remastered and re-orchestrated tracks), contact CJ Barrow.